Rob Patterson

Clinical Director & Consultant Orthopaedic Physiotherapist

MCSP Dip Grad Phys Liverpool 1984 - Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine

Rob Patterson’s credentials as a Consultant Orthopaedic Physiotherapist have earned him a well-deserved reputation for accurate diagnosis and holistic care. Rob’s vision was to establish a centre where highly skilled therapists provide specialist treatments based on a clear diagnosis and a full understanding of a person’s needs. This vision has been realised at The Cherington Practice.

There are so many reasons why Rob Patterson is in such demand, including:-

  • Extensive training in orthopaedic medicine
  • Over 60,000 face to face clinical hours of practice
  • Advanced training from recognised consultants in spinal, upper and lower limb surgery
  • 35 years of post-graduate clinical practice
  • One of the 1st and most experienced extended scope (advanced) physiotherapists
  • Consultancy to the NHS, Bristol City Council and the BBC
  • Lectured locally and nationally to undergraduate & postgraduate physiotherapists, to GPs and hospital consultants
  • Close working relationships with Bristol’s leading medical and surgical specialists over many years
  • Co-founder of UK’s 1st Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Centre of Excellence (TOSCOE®)
  • Extensive experience in the diagnosis and management of back pain
  • Set up Bristol’s 1st low back pain triage clinic
  • Close collaboration with the world’s leading thoracic outlet surgeons in LA & Florida
  • Has a deep understanding of the relationship between mind and body
  • Specialist interest and expertise in the treatment of chronic and persistent problems
  • Discerning and insightful management of the physical manifestations of psychological trauma

Rob Patterson graduated from the Liverpool School of Physiotherapy in 1984. Choosing Bristol for its cutting edge postgraduate experience, he quickly developed a passion for musculoskeletal medicine.

After holding senior physiotherapy posts, Rob went on to pioneer the role of physiotherapists working in orthopaedic surgery clinics. Becoming a clinical assistant to four orthopaedic surgeons, he investigated, diagnosed and managed spinal, upper and lower limb disorders. During this time Rob set up Bristol’s first low back pain triage clinic for GPs.

In the early days, outside the NHS, Rob cared for Bristol University’s football, hockey and rugby teams whilst also lecturing on sports medicine to under- and post-graduate physiotherapists. Rob divided his time for many years between his NHS and private practice. His expertise and reputation attracted large organisations such as Bristol City Council and the BBC to address the musculoskeletal disorders of their employees. It was when addressing a small epidemic of upper limb disorders in the BBC Natural History Unit that Rob developed a special interest in thoracic outlet syndrome, combining his vast knowledge and experience of spinal and upper limb disorders.

Rob now dedicates his time within private practice to the diagnosis and management of complex musculoskeletal disorders, and to developing services in the UK for patients with thoracic outlet syndrome. Rob is in increasing demand to lecture on the diagnosis and management of thoracic outlet syndrome throughout the UK. This includes the provision of masterclasses for physiotherapists and others interested in thoracic outlet syndrome. Most recently he authored a chapter in the latest edition of the international textbook on thoracic outlet syndrome to be published in 2019.

Rob Patterson
Clinical Director & Consultant Orthopaedic Physiotherapist
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