We are proud to have two of the UK’s leading spinal specialist physiotherapists heading up our spinal clinics with decades of experience working within orthopaedic, neurosurgery, triage and physiotherapy clinics.

Rob Patterson and Kate James bring a depth of knowledge and proven expertise to all types of back and neck pain supported by our superb team.

As clinical assistant in the orthopaedic spinal surgery department in Frenchay Hospital, Rob Patterson investigated, diagnosed and managed spinal disorders over many years. He has lectured on back pain to GPs and trainee orthopaedic surgeons, and set up Bristol’s 1st Low Back Triage Clinic for GPs.

Kate James, having been a clinical assistant to neurosurgery and orthopaedic surgeons in Frenchay Hospital, brings a wealth of training and experience in the diagnosis and care of patients with spinal problems. Kate also worked in the Low Back Triage Clinic which was so successful it has been replicated around the country.

Accurate diagnosis is the cornerstone of our practice. We complement this with the ability to explain the nature of your problems to you in an understandable and meaningful way. On this foundation you can be assured of recovery through our protocol of reassurance, relief and rehabilitation.

Carrie’s story:

“Many factors have contributed towards my recovery following the disintegration of a spinal disc but undoubtedly, without the skill, treatment, expertise and coaching of Rob Patterson, I would now be in constant pain and probably disabled. From my lowest point of being unable to walk more than 10 yards and completely incapable of sitting…I started my first session of tennis of 3 minutes long that opened the door into my previous joy of sport, with the continued support of wonderful Kate who as a physiotherapist undid the knots in my back and knitted it together again…I now play competitive tennis regularly, go skiing, do Pilates, live a fully active life and have embarked on a new career…I don’t know how, but Rob had the ability to make me laugh often, live each day in the present and be peacefully optimistic. Health is such a precious gift why would you not have help from the best.”Carrie Kingston, Early Years Consultant and Play Therapist

“I have had the pleasure of working with Rob and his team for over 20 years. Rob’s professionalism, breadth of knowledge and expertise in the management of spine conditions is exemplary, and his uniquely holistic approach has been invaluable to many of our mutual patients presenting with complex spinal problems over the years.”

Mr Nitin Patel
Consultant Spinal Neurosurgeon
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