In this age of modern medicine, treating the body like a machine it is easy to overlook the role played by our minds and emotions in our illnesses.

In many illnesses effective treatment can only occur when we take into account the complicated interactions between what we think, how we feel, our personality and how we are influenced by those we share our lives with.

Our past experiences, thoughts, feelings and our level of stress all have a huge part to play in our symptoms and suffering. On occasions, despite extensive investigation, we can still be left uncertain as to what is causing our condition. Sometimes you have symptoms but all the tests are negative and you are told “I can’t find anything wrong”.

Labels such as ‘functional illness’, ‘psychosomatic illness’ or ‘stress illness’ may be used, or you could just find yourself going from specialist to specialist desperate for someone to find something wrong that can be treated.

Rob Patterson has a special interest in these issues.

Having the expertise to know when no stone has been left unturned, Rob will help you understand your symptoms and begin appropriate treatment using the very latest neuroscientific research.

“Mr Patterson and his assistants provide holistic physiotherapy in patients with musculoskeletal, sports and pain disorders which mimic organic diseases. The recovery in such cases requires patience, sympathy and perseverance and in my experience Rob has provided resolution for very difficult to diagnose pain problems which have broken the cycle of needing to seek further healthcare.”Dr R T Przemioslo MD FRCP, Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist

“[Rob] is the most informed, helpful and holistic medical professional (not just physio!) that I have come across; he has been the only health professional to treat all my symptoms holistically and to explore the interaction of the mind and the body.”Dr Kathryn Armitstead, Actuary