“Acute pain is pain that comes on quickly, can be severe, but lasts a relatively short time. Chronic pain can be described as ongoing or recurrent pain, lasting beyond the usual course of acute illness or injury or more than 3 to 6 months, and which adversely affects the individual’s well-being. A simpler definition for chronic or persistent pain is pain that continues when it should not.”The ACPA, 2016

If you think something is wrong, you’re right, but it may not always be what you think it is. Chronic pain is a recognised disorder of your pain or danger alarm system, but the label is not applied lightly. To be diagnosed with chronic or persistent pain you must first of all have been expertly evaluated for all causes of ongoing pain. Sometimes chronic pain is the wrong diagnosis.

First things first

In Rob Patterson’s chronic pain clinic we leave no stone unturned. Causes of persistent pain are many and each possibility is carefully evaluated until a clear cause is identified.

“Until I met Rob, no one had been able to diagnose correctly where the source of my problems lay.”

These are the words of a medical doctor who was told to live with chronic pain, but actually had a curable disorder.

“Rob has a superb depth of knowledge of both the body and how the mind affects the body. This has resulted in him being able to diagnose and then source a solution or remedy to very obscure symptoms which other physiotherapists did not understand”

These are the words of a HR Consultant whose symptoms mystified many practitioners, but who was cured with accurate diagnosis and a short course of mind-body therapy.

When chronic pain is the right diagnosis

You will find, as many have before you, that here you are in skilled, safe and experienced hands. Our successful approach brings together the very latest neuroscience research, with decades of experience treating many thousands of patients.

“Rob possesses a quiet brilliance, combined with a unique talent & compassion that intuitively understands a patients situation, & who strives to enable the best possible outcome for each individual patient’s needs, knowing how your specific condition impacts on your overall wellbeing. These aren’t a list of superlatives; they reflect a man whose unassuming brilliance is reflected through the huge difference he makes to each of his patient’s lives.”Nigel J. D. Taylor MA, MSc, MCIM, Chartered Marketer

“A unique physiotherapist who has a skillset that will benefit any patient with acute or chronic problems. Probably the safest pair of hands that I know for both the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal problems. Unlike so-called “sports” physiotherapists, Rob knows how to handle patients with long-term pain problems and that really is an art.”

Dr Gareth Greenslade
Consultant in Pain Medicine
Senior Clinical Lecturer (University of Bristol)
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