• Rob is the man the doctors go to. He has sorted me out after 2 (separate) knee replacements. I have recommended him to many friends and family. He has wisdom, skill and gentleness in his fingers. He finds what’s wrong and sorts it out. And he explains everything clearly and approachably.

    Mr Robert Owen, Solicitor and University Head of Department
  • Having Rob as my physio for over the last 10 years supporting me through multiple complex spinal surgeries, double hip replacements, & nervous system pain management I have come to know him well. Rob possesses a quiet brilliance, combined with a unique talent & compassion that intuitively understands a patients situation, & who strives to enable the best possible outcome for each individual patient’s needs, knowing how your specific condition impacts on your overall wellbeing. These aren’t a list of superlatives; they reflect a man whose unassuming brilliance is reflected through the huge difference he makes to each of his patient’s lives. The whole team at The Cherington Practice believe in Rob’s ethos of kindness, support & understanding.

    Mr Nigel J. D. Taylor MA, MSc, MCIM, Chartered Marketer
  • When I first met Rob I was in constant pain. Rob reassured me that he would do everything in his power to help me.

    He promised he would employ a network of people to assist if needed, and that he did, by using his wealth of experience and networking skills Rob ensured I was seen by the necessary consultants in order for me to get back to myself and I can now say I feel like a different person.

    Would I recommend Rob, yes, most definitely, unconditionally.

    Ms Lou Porter, Personal Assistant
  • I was referred to Rob Patterson after many false pathways which included multiple operations on both arms to release compressed nerves. By that time I was faced with losing all hand function, my livelihood, hobbies and my identity. Until I met Rob, no one had been able to diagnose correctly where the source of my problems lay.

    With fingertips, insight and sensitivity, more accurate than any other clinician I had encountered (and there were many) he correctly diagnosed that I had THORACIC OUTLET SYNDROME. A relatively common but very difficult to diagnose condition involving severe nerve compression. The site of the compression of the network of nerves supplying the arms is between the vertebrae and the shoulder joint, at the top of the lungs.

    Rob Patterson was able to clinically diagnose TOS with complete accuracy. This was confirmed by a leading world expert of TOS in the USA, Dr Hugh Gelabert. Rob is also very knowledgeable in the aftercare of patients following such major nerve decompressions. He also has a profound understanding of Pain Syndromes and full knowledge of the medication, rehabilitation and visualisation necessary during the long road to recovery.

    I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who has been told they have “unexplained” arm or shoulder weakness, aching or pain with which they are told they need to learn to endure. Rob Patterson’s diagnosis was LIFE CHANGING for me. Two rib resections in USA with Dr. Gelabert followed and my arm and hand function were restored completely.

    Medical Doctor Patient
  • I was referred to Rob after 10 years of unexplained hand and arm pain, which was becoming increasingly disabling, affecting my ability to work and enjoy life. Rob very quickly identified the root cause of my problems as nerve compression resulting from thoracic outlet syndrome and he immediately started to build a bespoke treatment plan for me. Rob collaborated with a world-leading surgeon to confirm his diagnosis and referred me for surgery to correct the nerve compression. Rob skilfully guided me through the entire process from medical diagnosis to surgery and then worked with me through my recovery and rehabilitation, providing reassurance and expert guidance.

    Having seen numerous other arm and hand pain specialists, I have never been treated by someone with so much depth of expertise and compassion as I have experienced with Rob and his team at the Cherington Practice. Through Rob’s treatment plan I have recovered hand and arm function that other experts had previously told me I had permanently lost, which has transformed my life. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone experiencing hand and arm pain to see Rob and his team so that they can help.

    Beyond expert physiotherapy care, the team at the Cherington practice are highly professional and efficient at arranging appointments and referrals which makes fitting in treatment around daily life simple and hassle-free.

    Rob and his team at the Cherington practice have immeasurably changed my life and that of my family and I cannot thank them enough.

    Mr Matt Cross, Aerospace Design Engineer
  • You are first rate at your job and I would not hesitate to recommend you.

    Sir Anthony Holland
  • I first started seeing Rob 3-4 years ago on the advice of a pain specialist doctor and have seen him sporadically over the period. He is the most informed, helpful and holistic medical professional (not just physio!) that I have come across; he has been the only health professional to treat all my symptoms holistically and to explore the interaction of the mind and the body – I now realise how important this aspect must be for anyone with chronic pain, but before seeing Rob it had never even been mentioned to me. Rob has a huge breadth of knowledge from a wide range of health sources, learning from those which are evidence based and bringing them into his own practice. He has revolutionised my thinking and how I approach my own health.

    At the same time, he is friendly, warm and empathetic – intuitively understanding what I need and showing me how I can best help myself. He has also arranged for me to see other specialists when it would be helpful – his entire focus is on ensuring that I get the right help from the best possible professional. He is so unlike any other physio I have come across – his breath of experience and knowledge, and his ability to use this to support each individual, are unique in my experience.

    Dr Kathryn Armitstead, Actuary
  • Rob has been treating me for various ailments for over a year now. I have the highest regard for him and for his patient-centred approach. His vast experience usually allows him to pinpoint the cause of the trouble, and where appropriate suggest practical therapy. However, he does not neglect other aspects of your life that may have a bearing on your condition. Rob is unfailingly pleasant, cheerful and approachable. I would strongly recommend him to a prospective patient.

    Professor Patrick Royston, Senior Medical Statistician, MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL, London
  • When I first arrived at the Cherington Practice I had seen 7 specialists in 9 months and undergone various treatments but I was in more and more pain. By this stage I was unable to walk more than about 10 metres and was bent double most of the time.

    Rob saw me and diagnosed my uncommon syndrome. He was kind, considerate and looked at me holistically. Over the last 4 years Rob and his team have treated the pain, the underlying symptoms and helped me deal with the pain psychologically as well. When my recovery started to slow down about 2 years ago, Rob and Kate re-assessed me and weren’t precious about revisiting certain decisions. This meant that I also started acupuncture and changed my drug regime.

    After 4 years, I am finally living a normal life. I will never be as active as I was before but they have helped me to deal with this as well. At the Cherington practice they understand that you need to treat the whole person in order to get you back together again and less likely to fall ill or injured again. I honestly believe that without the help, care and support of everyone at the Practice (Including Kate, Cath, Ally and Lottie) I would now be living with chronic pain and living a very different life.

    Annie, Accountant
  • I visited Rob Patterson after a spine operation to remove part of a sequestrated disc which had damaged nerves at the base of the spine resulting in ‘drop foot’ and a loss of muscle control in the left leg. Following the operation I not only had a weak left leg (expected), but also really weird symptoms of ‘Jelly Legs’, a sense of weakness in both legs and loss of balance. The two physio’s I’d visited prior to Rob had no idea what caused this.

    Rob identified the cause as being an ‘undischarged trauma circuit’ (A what!!?) and then put in a programme to cure the ‘jelly legs’. After only three sessions…… no more ‘Jelly Legs’…… absolutely brilliant, fantastic, wonderful and a huge relief!!

    Rob has a superb depth of knowledge of both the body and how the mind affects the body. This has resulted in him being able to diagnose and then source a solution or remedy to very obscure symptoms which other physiotherapists did not understand. He has a very understanding and warm communication style that puts you immediately at ease and for me he’s just ‘The Best’!

    I would recommend Rob without reservation.

    Mrs Fiona Baker, HR Search Consultant
  • Many factors have contributed towards my recovery following the disintegration of a spinal disc but undoubtedly, without the skill, treatment, expertise and coaching of Rob Patterson, I would now be in constant pain and probably disabled.

    From my lowest point of being unable to walk more than 10 yards and completely incapable of sitting, I now play competitive tennis regularly, go skiing [including black runs], do Pilates, live a fully active life and have embarked on a new career as a children’s therapist.

    Rob’s extrasensory perception and diagnostic skill guided me on the right path of MRI scans and several surgeries. He then managed my recovery that took several turns and different phases, including hydrotherapy and expertise from a pain specialist. He also helped me rewire my brain after long-term pain, which sounds like a grand claim but my own research of literature demonstrates that this is possible throughout our lives, not just in children.

    He encouraged me to keep my world big, so I took part in concerts, parties and church, initially from a horizontal position on a sun bed and also wrote a book with a friend. My walking gradually increased in distance, listening to books on getting my head in the right place whilst gently reducing painkillers.

    I started my first session of tennis of 3 minutes long that opened the door into my previous joy of sport, with the continued support of wonderful Kate who as a physiotherapist undid the knots in my back and knitted it together again.

    I don’t know how, but Rob had the ability to make me laugh often, live each day in the present and be peacefully optimistic. Health is such a precious gift why would you not have help from the best.

    Mrs Carrie Kingston, Early Years Consultant and Play Therapist
  • Rob was recommended to me by a couple of old friends after I had broken my right wrist and was experiencing random intense nerve pain. He put me on some extra strong painkillers straight away, and gave me strengthening exercises to do. I was feeling pretty depressed at the time, for obvious reasons, but I was really encouraged by Rob’s optimistic attitude. Apparently, I came within a hair’s breadth of having permanent nerve damage, so I really can’t thank Rob enough for getting me through what was a very sticky patch.

    Mrs Sarah Newns, Archaeologist
  • Rob Patterson and his team are outstanding at what they do and the service they provide. I have been a patient for some 20 years and they have been excellent every time I’ve needed them. The results I’ve had have been amazing. Rob never asks for follow up appointments unless it is absolutely necessary, thus keeping costs down. I’ve recommended a number of friends and family to this practice and without exception they’ve been extremely pleased with the service and results. I can’t recommend the Cherington Practice highly enough.

    Mrs Tina Palmer
  • Thank you Antonia for all your help. It has taken more than your professionalism to put me right. Indeed it has taken a level of high expertise. For that, I am extremely grateful.

    Mr Stephen Hall, Retired Teacher of Mathematics
  • I would like to say big thank you to Antonia Hook from 1-10 I will give her 10 she has been amazing.

    Monika Filipowicz
  • Rob is an extremely knowledgeable man, who is very humble and able to explain complex information easily.  His approach is so refreshing, he takes the time to understand issues that you have holistically (which is very hard to find).  Rob is professional and friendly and treats people with the utmost respect and provides no end of support to each of his clients.  I have been misdiagnosed for over 3 years, but Rob was able to pin point the problem straight away and instead of dealing with the symptoms, he dealt with the cause.  I would like to thank Rob wholeheartedly for his help and support, I have gone from having three back spasms a day and not being able to walk or sit, to being able to exercise again.  I am still trying to build up my strength through exercise but the impact of his help, has given me my life back.  Thank you so much.

    Karen Trace
  • The Thoracic Outlet Centre Of Excellence (within the Cherington Practice), is exactly what it states with Rob and his team having up to date and precise knowledge of the syndrome, and most importantly, how to manage it. I was fortunate enough to be assessed and treated here. Following an injury in 2011, I had a long and frustrating journey trying to find out why I had upper limb dysfunction, muscle wastage and incapacitating pain. Rob Patterson made a preliminary diagnosis, arranged for diagnostic testing and ultimately pointed me in the direction for surgery. Rob’s diagnostic ability is astounding – he was able to correctly assess my condition, via examination, in lieu of other testing. As it turned out, he correctly identified that an anterior scalene muscle had regrown after a previous investigative surgery and was strangling the subclavian artery; as such I had both neurogenic and vascular compression. I am doing very well after surgery and expect to have a full recovery in due course. My only regret is that it didn’t find The Cherington Practice sooner. I would not hesitate to recommend this centre to anyone in the same position as myself. Absolutely excellent!!!

  • Claire Smith correctly diagnosed my condition within a few minutes of my first consultation, which was later confirmed by MRI scan at the Nuffield Hospital.
    After several planned weekly appointments with Claire, I am completely pain free and have been able to return to playing golf and other sports.
    I thoroughly recommend both Claire and the Cherington Practice.

    Steve Garrahy
  • I’ve used Rob a number of times, for sports injuries, work injuries, general wear and tear. He’s always got straight to the heart of the problem, often diagnosing things that others have missed. His treatments are thorough and well targeted, quickly solving any issues. Rob never says ‘learn to live with it’ there’s always a way to make things better. Rob is a safe pair of hands, easy to trust, dedicated to giving patients the best possible outcome.

    Mr Will Glennon, TV News Reporter and Presenter, BBC Points West
  • I have seen Rob Patterson for many reasons (knee/back/dance injuries) over the years and can honestly say that I wouldn’t want myself or my family to be seen by anyone else. His level of care is exemplary. His holistic approach to treatment and management with a vast array of experience means a total care package ensuring great results every time. I am so glad that I found Rob all those years ago and will always return with any problems that occur in the future.

    Mrs Amanda Sullivan, Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist
  • I have been visiting the Cherington Practice fairly regularly for the past five years. Every member of the staff is kind and supportive and you are always welcomed with a smile. Rob Patterson is an outstanding physiotherapist with magic hands and a gentle manner. If you are in pain and need the help of a physiotherapist you can do no better than to ring the Cherington Practice.

    Mrs Beryl Dell, Retired from Financial Services
  • I have been treated by Kate and Lottie from the Cherington team on 6 separate occasions. I am a long distance walker and so have needed help with various knee, muscular and balance issues. I have found the support, treatment and exercises received really good. On the last occasion after treatment I walked pain free for 60 miles in 5 days. I am currently receiving help with long term balance issues and the difference I notice already is remarkable. I would recommend this practice to anyone without reservation.

    Mr Colin Hendy, Retired Teacher
  • I visited Rob in April 2012 following an operation on my back in December 2011. I was in considerable pain and felt extremely low. Rob taught me to manage and understand the pain and bring it under control, to the extent that I was usually pain-free, allowing me to lead a normal life. I have had several subsequent painful flare-ups which again Rob has helped me to manage and get through.

    Mr Adrian Whicheloe, Company Director
  • I am glad that I was referred to The Cherington Practice under Rob Patterson’s care. I have been seeing Rob for around three years as my case has not been an easy one. Rob is very knowledgeable and has been very thorough, while providing an excellent service. I never feel like the appointment is rushed and Rob always takes the time to listen and explain. He is also very sympathetic and understanding.

    I have to complement Ally that works at the practice as well, she has been very efficient with ensuring the required referrals have been sent and follows them up. Knowing the patient by name when calling makes you feel like you’re not just another “number”.

    Thank you Rob and team for your continued support through this difficult time in my life.

    Mr Brett Du Preez, Treasury Control Assistant, Dyson
  • Within the last twelve months I’ve suffered two injuries both of which Lottie Reeves has been able to resolve. The first was a back injury caused whilst moving some furniture but following Lottie’s treatment I was completely pain free and cycling/running within 24hours. The second injury was a self-developing pain in my hip, again Lottie’s treatment was very effective and after a couple of treatments I was almost completely pain free and back to ten mile walks. Having had good service from Lottie I had no reservations in recommending her to friends who’ve been equally impressed.

    Mr Mark Bishop, Stress Engineer, Airbus
  • I cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism and kindness I have always been treated with at The Cherington Practice. From the moment the phone is answered, the thorough assessment of symptoms and selection of appropriate treatments coupled with an intuitive understanding of the connections between mind and body I have always felt I have received the best possible care.

    Mrs Joy Lloyd
  • Following a road traffic accident in 1999 at the age of 44, I ended up with chronic neck problems accompanied by a virtually permanent, acute headache that totally dominated my family, social and working life day and night. Over the years, I consulted a wide range of medical experts (pain consultants, orthopaedic consultants, chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, acupuncturists and even Chinese massage practitioners) but despite the many and varied treatments and cornucopia of pills, I was never free from pain for all but the briefest of periods. In 2003 I had to significantly reduce my working hours and life outside work was virtually non-existent as I was forever preparing myself for the next week at work.

    I was sent to Rob for an assessment and a few sessions of physiotherapy by my company’s occupational health nurse in 2007 but went back to him of my own accord in 2011. He gradually adjusted his treatment to find an optimum one for me and we worked together to find techniques for me to use between sessions. Over the last 5 years, the frequency of severity of the really bad headaches have both changed markedly so I see a lot less of Rob these days, which is a shame as he is a very genuine and caring person.

    With his involvement, I now know the warning signs, triggers and self treatment techniques. My headaches are now virtually non-existent and I have to take very little medication to control the very infrequent incidents of relatively minor pain.

    Thanks to Rob, I have a much better quality of life than I would undoubtedly otherwise have had and I am now looking forward without fear or trepidation, especially to many years of playing with my first grandson who is due this week.

    Mr Geoff Smith, Electronics Engineer
  • After an incident twelve years ago in which I broke my shoulder, I was fortunate to be referred to Rob. It was so uplifting to have met such a passionately, knowledgeable professional. His treatment and care was second to none and although I travelled many miles for treatment, it was all worthwhile.

    I have recently been seeing Rob and his team again after a spinal injury and their understanding, supportiveness and expert care is second to none. They have been going the ‘extra mile’ in ensuring I get my life back together.

    I would not hesitate ever in recommending The Cherington Practice.

    Mrs D. Ward, Retired
  • My family and I have consulted Rob Patterson over several years after he came highly recommended.

    Rob combines intuitive care and insight with an astonishingly wide and up-to- date knowledge of conditions and treatments. His approach is holistic and empowering, leading you quietly to a clear understanding of your problem and its treatment. Thanks to his sage advice on rehabilitation my broken ankle has mended superbly and I am able to undertake my prolonged hillwalking and other exercise without any discernible difference.

    My daughter’s boyfriend had an unusual rugby injury which remained misdiagnosed for 5 years causing him great pain. Rob was able to identify the condition and recommend a successful course of treatment which has provided him with great relief. We feel very fortunate in having Rob as our family physiotherapist.

    The Cherington Practice staff are highly efficient, extremely polite and always helpful, particularly in emergencies.

    Many thanks to you all.

    Mrs Christina Owen, Senior Law Lecturer
  • Rob Patterson has amazing insight. He doesn’t just treat a single ailment but looks at the bigger picture treating each patient as an individual, examining their lifestyle and all factors contributing to the problem.

    He literally saved me from undergoing unnecessary knee surgery and has helped to keep me sane during stressful family ill-health such as diabetes, chronic fatigue, coeliac disease, IBS and anxiety!

    Rob and his team are highly professional but always manage to give the impression they really care. I have and will continue to highly recommend the Practice to friends.

    Mrs Carol Wainwright, Musician
  • I have known Rob Patterson for nearly 20 years and in this time he has treated myself and numerous members of my family and friends.

    He and his team have successfully diagnosed and treated me for several conditions that numerous other health professionals could not. He is utterly professional and the best physiotherapist you could find. His diagnostic skills in particular are excellent.

    I would recommend him and the whole practice without reservation.

    Mr Hugh Bendall, Retired Motor Dealer
  • My name is Lu Rose and I do house cleaning for a living. To whoever is thinking of going to see Rob and his wonderful staff that work alongside him, there is nobody that knows the human body like Rob, you won’t leave his surgery without a diagnosis. Since seeing Rob I don’t want to see anyone else, he has helped all my family friends, so many people. I would highly recommend going to see Rob if you want to sort your pains that you’ve never been able to get a diagnosis for.

    Ms Lu Rose
  • I have been lucky enough to have been helped by Rob for around twelve years. His holistic, intuitive, highly knowledgable and compassionate care is consistently delivered to the highest standard possible. The whole team at The Cherington Practice are kind and considerate. I have wholeheartedly recommended Rob’s services numerous times to friends and family and continue to do so. I think everyone could benefit in some way by the outstanding care Rob gives!

    Miss Joanna Westlake, Paediatric Nurse
  • I have nothing but praise for Rob and his team at the Cherington practice. 1 year ago I had a really disabling episode of severe low back pain going down my leg.  I had never had proper Sciatica before but Rob’s expert diagnostic skills combined with Lottie’s core exercises slowly sorted me out over the next few months and I have now been completely fixed for over a year.  I still find I need to keep up with the core exercises at home but this is a small price to pay for being back to all sporting activities and pain free. I would thoroughly recommend them.

    Dr Stephen Dorman, Consultant Cardiologist
  • After many years of running I developed some unsual low back pain symptoms and sciatica. Sleep was disturbed and standing very uncomfortable.  Osteopathy and NHS physio yielded no improvement or actual diagnosis.  Just told to accept it and manage the pain.  Rob quickly picked up there were some unusual symptoms, and organised a very rapid MRI scan.  At next appointment he confirmed a bi-lateral stress fracture across one of my lumbar vertebrae which everyone else had missed.  With humour and patience Rob gave me hope that my injury could resolve over time.  Eighteen months on we recently confirmed that my Pars fracture has healed.  Rob gently suggested finding other non-impact sports and core strengthening.  Use of analgesia is now very intermittent and I’m able to fool around at the climbing wall  with my son.

    Happy to unconditionally recommend Rob and the team at the Cherington.

    Mr Michael Hagan, Occupational Health Adviser
  • After a year of suffering discomfort I finally made an appointment at The Cherington Practice. I have to say how glad I was I did and why didn’t I do it sooner? I was amazed how swiftly Rob diagnosed and resolved the discomfort I had been suffering. A very friendly, professional Practice and most certainly money well spent.

    Mr Andrew Smith
  • Many thanks for all of your help in getting my back sorted!

    The way in which you diagnosed the problem was excellent. The weak core diagnosis was spot-on and as soon as the pilates exercises, to strengthen my core, started to take effect the results were really impressive.

    My back is now at full strength and I am continuing to work my core and activate it throughout the day to keep it strong. The combination of a diagnosis from Rob, with Pilates treatment from Claire, all under one roof was very handy.

    Keep up the good work and thanks again.

    Alex Fawcett, Director & Chartered Engineer
  • I have been living with chronic back pain for the past 8 years as a result of an occupational injury, and as a very physically active young woman at just 27 years old, this has had a huge impact on my life. Over the years I have been living in daily agony with unbearable pain which has limited by physical abilities, and often caused me to adjust my working patterns during a chronic pain episode. After consulting a number of different physiotherapists over the years with no tangible results, I decided to visit Antonia after reading some reviews online. From the first appointment Antonia was professional, friendly and highly knowledgeable. Her ‘bedside’ manner is impeccable and immediately put me at ease. Antonia proceeded to work through a thorough assessment of my injury and put together a robust treatment plan involving both physical therapies, and an ‘at home’ exercise programme to complete. In a matter of three appointments, Antonia has transformed my life without knowing. My back pain had been causing me chronic insomnia and for years I have been suffering from constant exhaustion from lack of sleep. I no longer suffer from any pain in my back on a daily basis, I now wake up with a smile on my face feeling refreshed for the day! Physically, I have seen a huge improvement in my mobility and I am able to challenge myself in my athletic training once again, something that I have been prevented from doing in years. I cannot thank Antonia enough for what she has given me, a pain free, active life back! Antonia is an incredibly talented physiotherapist, and her level of expertise is second to none. I would recommend Antonia to anyone I meet and will be eternally grateful for her hard work and support to effectively and professionally treat me so well, and so quickly. Antonia is a rare gem!

    Roisin Greenup
  • Rob and the team have been incredible the last 18 months concerning my NTOS problems. They have guided me through the process and I have come out the other side so much better physically, and with a greater understanding of the way my body has been built, to prevent any re-occurences of TOS in the future.

    Always encouraging, motivating and thorough – I would highly recommend Rob and the team for any nerve related physio problems, especially when you feel like you don’t know which professional to turn to next.

    The practice has a lovely warm and welcoming atmosphere which is part of the great service received.