• I have known Rob for over twenty years, both as a friend and as a work colleague. I find him one of the most clinically astute and caring clinicians I have come across. His hands are the nearest things to mobile MRI scanners you will ever find! His ability to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions is of the highest order. It is a great pleasure having the reassurance of my patients being looked after by him. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

    Mr Jonathan Webb, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Mr Patterson and his assistants provide holistic physiotherapy in patients with musculoskeletal, sports and pain disorders which mimic organic diseases. The recovery in such cases requires patience, sympathy and perseverance and in my experience Rob has provided resolution for very difficult to diagnose pain problems which have broken the cycle of needing to seek further healthcare.

    Dr R T Przemioslo MD FRCP, Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Rob and his team for over 20 years. Rob’s professionalism, breadth of knowledge and expertise in the management of spine conditions is exemplary, and his uniquely holistic approach has been invaluable to many of our mutual patients presenting with complex spinal problems over the years.

    Mr Nitin Patel, Consultant Spinal Neurosurgeon
  • I have worked with Rob Patterson since 1996, when he was a pioneer Extended-Scope Physiotherapist in the orthopaedic service at the famous Frenchay Hospital. Rob was picked for this role because he was already an outstanding physiotherapist. He went on to spend years working alongside consultants, perfecting his diagnostic skills until they easily surpassed those of even the most senior registrars in the clinics. He was then employed in place of these doctors and spent many years as the first point of contact for patients who had been referred to the orthopaedic service. During this time, he garnered impressive depths of knowledge and experience in the field.

    As a specialist in the management of patients with chronic pain, I knew that I could rely on him to assess patients appropriately and spend the time they needed to help them develop a true understanding of their conditions. I knew that he would make a sensible decision and devise a competent treatment plan for the patients.

    Rob understood that many patients have pain that cannot be removed by surgery and that some patients might be made worse by surgery. He took the time to educate himself and learn about pain mechanisms, neural pathways and the use of mindfulness and other psychological treatments in pain management.

    In short, a unique physiotherapist who has a skillset that will benefit any patient with acute or chronic problems. Probably the safest pair of hands that I know for both the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal problems. Unlike so-called “sports” physiotherapists, Rob knows how to handle patients with long-term pain problems and that really is an art.

    Dr Gareth Greenslade, Consultant in Pain Medicine
  • Few practitioners have taken as serious an interest in TOS as has Rob Patterson.  The UK is fortunate in having such a dedicated and qualified practitioner handling the difficult task of diagnosing and treating patients with thoracic outlet syndrome.

    Dr Richard Sanders, MD, Professor of Surgery, Denver Vascular Surgery Associates, Colorado, USA
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Rob Patterson over the course of years. He is an astute diagnostician and a very thoughtful care provider. His insights gained from caring for TOS patients and his extensive study of this area have provided him with an outstanding level of expertise.

    He understands the various factors which are at play in patients suffering disabling weakness, pain and paraesthesia in their upper extremity. He is careful in evaluating and assessing the elements which result in the development of symptoms. He is highly attuned to the nuance of interaction between the patient, their environment and their symptoms.

    Following from this his prescriptions of physical modalities in managing this condition are based on carefully researched method.

    He takes a comprehensive approach to care and is exceptionally effective in seeking and coordinating resources to help his patients. He is judicious and appropriate in advising consultation, testing or intervention.

    Dr Hugh Gelabert, MD, Professor of Surgery, UCLA School of Medicine
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) is a group of often highly debilitating symptoms caused by compression of the nerves, arteries, or veins running from the arm into the rest of the body.

    In the 1970’s in the USA, there was little of consequence in the contemporary medical literature. Clinical understanding of TOS was inadequate to meet the rising number of patients with these unique disorders.

    It is a condition which is estimated to affect up to 80 of every 1,000 patients in the USA. Significant strides have been made in the USA with diagnosis and treatment of TOS. As in the USA in the late 70’s, the medical establishment in Europe appear quite reluctant to accepting this as a “real” diagnosis, despite the clear and devastating symptoms that such patients have and the benefit that proper diagnosis and treatment can achieve.

    I met Rob Patterson during an academic meeting last year in London. In my view, and in the view of patients he has helped, he has literally led the way in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition in England, and has been a champion with regard to changing the mindset among medical professionals. He has helped numerous patients achieve great results, both with his own care and interventions along with referral for surgery, when appropriate, despite strong headwinds. His goal is to help patients, and through his efforts we are beginning to see a steady improvement in knowledge and care in this area.
    In the hands of many medical professionals the diagnosis of patients with neurogenic TOS is often rejected. It remains Rob’s mission to help the patients by changing this mindset.

    It’s been a pleasure collaborating with him.

    Dr Karl A. Illig, MD, Professor of Surgery, Director, Division of Vascular Surgery, Associate Chair, Faculty Development and Mentoring, USF Morsani College of Medicine
  • I have known Rob as a colleague and friend since working together in Frenchay Hospital in the mid 80s. During this time he became expert at keeping me on the rugby and basketball field and since has been a valued source of advice.

    Rob has widespread expert knowledge with a knack of getting to the root of all the tricky cases and organising the best management plans for his patients. He combines compassion with professionalism and has always been willing to share his expertise in order to ensure the best care and outcome for all our patients.

    Mrs Sue Hughes, Chartered Physio, Henleaze Physiotherapy Clinic
  • Rob provides an excellent service, opinion and treatment for a variety of conditions, seeking further specialist advice and imaging where appropriate. It has been a pleasure working with him over the years.

    Dr Mark Cobby, Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologist
  • I worked with Rob at North Bristol Trust for a good few years when he was the senior Physiotherapist in the department of Orthopaedic Spinal Surgery at Frenchay Hospital, and since 1999 I have referred many patients to him at the Cherington Practice. Kate James worked with us for several years here in Bristol Neurosurgery, at Frenchay, before joining the Cherington Practice. I greatly value their expertise in assessment, diagnosis and management of spinal conditions, and indeed their comprehensive knowledge and management of musculo-skeletal conditions in general.

    I am also pleased to say that when I review patients who have already been treated by Rob or Kate, I hear nothing but praise for their treatment and communication skills, their professionalism and kind manner. I am quite sure that these standards of care will apply to other professional and support staff at Cherington.

    My professional opinion is that Rob and his colleagues at Cherington Practice have consistently provided the highest quality and most appropriate care and advice for patients across the range of spinal problems.

    Dr Keith Greenfield PhD MCSP
  • I worked at The Cherington Practice in Bristol for 18 months between working in London and a move abroad. I have over 12 years experience as a physiotherapist and have worked in at least 5 different clinics throughout my career.

    The Cherington has been a fantastic place to work for several reasons, the most important of these being that the clinic strives to do right by the patients and provide the best treatment to get them better. This not only gave me job satisfaction, but enabled a trust from my patients which encouraged them to return with future problems if needed.

    The team is excellent and everyone plays their part in doing their job to the highest quality and efficiency. Every care is taken in supporting patient’s through their physiotherapy journey, from the first phone call to front desk, to discharge from treatment.

    There is a wealth of knowledge and expertise to gain from Rob and the rest of the team which you are encouraged to tap on as much as you wish, so the learning and development never stops. This is also supplemented by Rob sharing key research articles with the team and regular in house training. You have the freedom to develop as a therapist, for example my passion for Pilates received a lot of support and encouragement.

    Thank you to The Cherington Practice for such a fulfilling working experience.

    Claire Smith, Chartered Physiotherapist & APPI Certified Matwork Pilates Instructor
  • I have had the privilege of working with Rob Patterson for the past 18 years through his work at the BBC, treating private patients and in the NHS spinal musculoskeletal assessment and treatment service. He is one of the most thorough and thoughtful clinicians you are likely to find and has great expertise at assessment and diagnosis. He has helped countless mutual patients to understand their symptoms. His approach is evidence based and shifts the focus from over reliance on the therapist to showing his patients how to manage their condition more effectively and to reduce the chances of recurrence in the long term.

    Dr Stephen Granier MBChB MRCGP D Occ Med PG Dip Sports Exercise Med
  • I have worked very closely with Rob Patterson for the last 19 years. He has provided a consistently high quality comprehensive and highly effective service for all of my patients. His expertise extends across all areas of musculoskeletal medicine, but his particular skillset of dealing with people with chronic pain and also more specialised problems such as work related upper limb disorder, has been exemplary.

    I would be very happy to recommend any of my patients to see Rob.

    Dr Sam Patel, Consultant Rheumatologist and Acute Physician
  • I have known Rob Patterson for many years since starting as a Consultant Radiologist at Frenchay hospital in 1996. Rob regularly referred his NHS patients to Radiology for imaging and therapeutic procedures. Now that he primarily works at the Cherington practice he refers patients to Radiology in various parts of the City where I and most of my colleagues work. His referrals and requests have always been of the highest standard reflecting his excellent clinical acumen. It is always a great pleasure to discuss with Rob the investigations and treatments he wishes to do for his patients. What comes across very strongly is his desire to do his very best for every one of them.

    I am constantly struck by the very warm and positive comments from Rob’s patients about him when they come to us for investigations. He has a great rapport with them and they have the greatest confidence in his skills and abilities and always speak of his conscientious care and attention.

    Rob’s very friendly and approachable manner has earned him the greatest respect as a top physiotherapist in the City. It is an absolute pleasure and honour to recommend him.

    Dr Roland Watura, Consultant Radiologist
  • I have had the privilege of knowing Rob for over 25 years, both as a colleague and as a patient. Rob was and still is, an inspiration to everyone within the field of healthcare. I was first aware of Rob’s immense knowledge and absolute desire to offer his patients and colleagues the very best care when I was a student physiotherapist in Bristol. He has worked tirelessly to improve his knowledge and treatment skills over the years and as such, offers all his patients an incredible service.

    Not only does Rob have a huge database of information in his head, he combines this with genuine care for the people he works with. If I feel I cannot help a patient because their case is very complex, I know Rob will be able to unravel the situation and help the patient move ahead with the correct diagnosis and treatment. Anyone fortunate enough to be under Rob’s care as a patient or to work with him as a colleague, will be assured of unquestionable quality in terms of treatment, advice or training.

    Jo Sholl-Evans MCSP, Chartered Physiotherapist
  • I cannot speak highly enough of Rob and his team at the Cherington Practice. They treat people as human beings looking at every aspect from musculoskeletal to psychological needs. The team is very professional from making the initial appointment to providing various treatments and advice on further care required.

    It’s a pleasure working with them.

    Mrs Linzi Jones, Senior Occupational Health Nurse
  • My work first brought me into contact with Rob approximately 7 years ago. I very soon found myself developing the greatest respect for Rob’s encyclopaedic knowledge of the most intricate anatomy, physiology, musculoskeletal conditions and the range of most appropriate treatment options in each circumstance. Rob’s title is Orthopaedic Specialist Physiotherapist which can in his case be interpreted also as a “very special physiotherapist”. He is indeed charming, empathetic and an unusually talented clinician. My initial respect has increased with time and has never faltered.

    Mr Alan Thomas, RGN, RMN, BSc(Hons), BA(Hons), MSc(Dist), CMIOSH, Specialist Community Nurse
  • I have worked with Rob for the best part of twenty years initially in the NHS and over the last ten years in the private sector. As a surgeon specialising in sports injuries and lower limb problems it is important to have good physiotherapy input. Rob has consistently and reliably provided this service and also a valuable opinion in his own right as a physiotherapist. His many years of experience and common sense approach give patients the best chance of recovery, and I look forward to continuing our professional relationship well into the future.

    Mr Bill Harries, Consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • I have been referring patients to the Cherington practice and Mr Rob Patterson for more than 20 years because I know they will receive expert advice, based on sound evidence based practice, in a holistic and sensitive manner.

    Dr Clare Andersson, GP
  • Rob Patterson inspired my career as a Chartered Physiotherapist from the young age of 19. I had the luck of being placed under his supervision for a month long placement in the area in which he works. After seeing the magic he performed on all his clients and the friendship we developed over this time I went on to spend my free time from college watching and learning from Rob. 24 years later I continue to love my work as a physiotherapist and although I work in Ireland Rob Patterson’s mentoring continues to contribute to the way I work with my lovely patients.

    Sally Ann Quirke, Chartered Physiotherapist
  • I have used Rob Patterson and the Cherington Practice for the last 20 years and have always found him to provide a highly commendable, first class service to my patients.

    Mr Neil Blewitt, MB ChB FRCS FRCS (Orth)
  • I have referred many patients to Rob over the years and have always found his management and documentation very thorough and clear. He has many years of knowledge and experience. Patients feel very supported and helped through their condition by his kind approach.

    Dr Jonathan Holdsworth, GP
  • I have worked as a physiotherapist alongside Rob for many years, both in the NHS and in private practice, and it has been a complete honour. I would value Rob’s opinion in the highest regard. He is a leader in his field in both assessment and treatments. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

    Mrs Suzanne Gibson, Senior Physiotherapist MCSP