Rob Patterson, our diagnostic specialist, brings years of experience and extensive training to the evaluation and treatment of shoulder and arm pathology.

Within The Cherington Practice specialist upper limb clinic, problems with your joints, muscles, tendons and nerves are expertly diagnosed and treated.

We routinely and effectively treat common upper limb issues for example frozen shoulder, rotator cuff pathology, tennis elbow, myofascial pain, tendonopathies around the wrist and nerve entrapment syndromes.

However, as a specialist clinic people often come to us with less common, more complicated and persistent problems that have defied diagnosis and failed to respond to treatment. Some of these include, for example, complex regional pain syndromes (CRPS), focal hand dystonia, repetitive strain injury (RSI) and thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS).

We enjoy close working relationships with Consultant Upper Limb Surgeons, Physicians and Radiologists who assist with the diagnosis and treatment process.

“I have worked very closely with Rob Patterson for the last 19 years. He has provided a consistently high quality comprehensive and highly effective service for all of my patients. His expertise extends across all areas of musculoskeletal medicine, but his particular skillset of dealing with people with chronic pain and also more specialised problems such as work related upper limb disorder, has been exemplary. I would be very happy to recommend any of my patients to see Rob.”Dr Sam Patel, Consultant Rheumatologist and Acute Physician, North Bristol NHS Trust

“Having seen numerous other arm and hand pain specialists, I have never been treated by someone with so much depth of expertise and compassion as I have experienced with Rob and his team at The Cherington Practice.”Mr Matt Cross, Aerospace Design Engineer

“I have used Rob Patterson and the Cherington Practice for the last 20 years and have always found him to provide a highly commendable, first class service to my patients.”Mr Neil Blewitt, MB ChB FRCS FRCS (Orth), Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon