With your consultation fee you buy the practitioner’s time during the consultation and for dictation and production of your clinical letters that are sent to your GP, to any other specialist involved in your care and yourself if requested. It does not cover the production of letters and reports for solicitors and other third parties. Where possible, we will send reports and letters electronically. If you do not wish us to communicate in this way please let us know at reception.


Any equipment/materials provided e.g. books, therabands, shoe inserts etc. are not covered within the consultation fee and will be charged to your account. Similarly, telephone consultations will incur a fee and will be charged to your account according to the time taken.


If we are invoicing your insurance company directly it is possible that a different rate will apply as per individual pricing policies. Please let us know prior to your initial appointment whether you will be using private medical insurance and inform us of your membership and claim number for the relevant treatment. If you are claiming through private medical insurance please check your level of cover and ensure any excess or shortfall in cover is settled.

Payment procedure

Fees are due for settlement at the end of each consultation unless we are claiming directly from your insurers.

We can accept most major credit/debit cards, cash and cheques.


Cancellation policy

We operate a 24-hour cancellation policy, therefore if appointments are missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice please be aware that the consultation charge will still apply.