Due to the current exceptional circumstances we are now offering telephone assessment and advice appointments here at the Cherington.

Please ring and speak to Catherine on 0117 9625195 or email us to arrange your appointment.

The appointment fees are as described on our charges page.

What does care over the telephone and via video look like?

When you contact the Cherington for help, you will either be greeted by Catherine (or have the opportunity to leave a message for her to contact you) who will take some basic details including the nature of your problem, ask which of the team you wish to consult, and provide you with options on the availability of appointments.

At the appointment time your therapist will ring you or connect via video.

Your therapist will ask you a few questions to understand:

  • The problem you need help with
  • The history of your problem
  • Past medical history & medication

A virtual examination is then carried out depending on the nature of your problem, but this may include:

  • Asking you to move the affected part in various directions
  • Ask you to perform specific activities to gain further understanding of your problem

You and your therapist will then discuss the likely nature of your problem and how best to set about treating it. This may include:

  • Advice on posture, resting positions and activities
  • Self treatments such as heat, cold, stretching & mobilising exercises
  • The use of creams, medication available over the counter and items that may be available online such as supports, insoles and much more.

When appropriate your consultation will be supported by written information, pictures and videos of your exercises.

If during your consultation your therapist thinks that your problem needs urgent assessment, an appointment will be arranged for you at the Cherington. On a rare occasion advice may be given to seek urgent medical care.

The patients who have received care remotely inform us that they have found it extremely helpful and have already recommended the service to friends.